"Suffering of Ninko" directed by Norihiro Niwatsukino
★21st Busan International Film Festival (Korea)
★35th Vancouver International Film Festival (Canada)
★17th Tokyo Filmex
"Silence" directed by Hamsh Downie
★Shorts Off Film Festival 2016 (England) ★6.Filmfest homochrom  (Germany)
★Let's All Be Free (England) ★Sweet As Film Festival (Canada)
"Romance" directed by Yusuke Masumoto
"Ajijo" directed by Tatsyta Takeda
★Sanuki Film Festival 2015 ★4th Nara International Film Festival
"Love in Tokyo" directed by Mike Solton
"Atypical" directed by Nan Akatsuka
"The Last Time" directed by Hamish Dawnie
"An American Piano" directed by Paul Leeming
★2015 Golden Diana International Film Festival - Best Academy Film Award, winner (Austria)
★2015 Toronto International Film Festival, Kids Film Festival - Official Selection (Canada)
★2015 Navi Mumbai International Film Festival
2015 Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (England) Mini Cinema Short Film Experience (U.S.A.)
★The 3rd International Changing Perspective Short Film Festival (Turkey)
★The 6th Lahor International Children's Film Festival (Pakistan)
★The 9th Sapporo International Shortfilm Festival and Market
★The 17th Ozu Yasujiro Memorial - Tateshina Kogen Film Festival
★Lake Champion International Film Festival (U.S.A.)
"Yokohama, Kako, Genzai" by Kohei Nagamune
★The 6th Film Grand Prix of the Art Center of Japan, Wakajishi Award
★The 13th Nakanoshima Film Festial ★16th Japan-Filmfest Hamburg (Germany)
★New Directors Film Festival 2014 Kisssh-Kissssssh Film Festival
★Kohan Film Festival
"Sugar Bell Mountain" directed by Naomichi Higashimori
★New Directors Film Festival 2014
"Kisho Yohoshi ga Yattekuru" by Hiroki Nakamura
"Ani ni Sasayaku" directed by Yasuhiro Abe
"The Wolverine" directed by James Mangold
Promotional film created by Ministry of Education in New Zealand
"Springtime Nostargia 残香" directed by Edmund Yeo
★2013 Taipei Film Festival Shanghi International Film Festival
"Shizumanai Mittsu no Ie" by Ryota Nakano
"Welcome to Japan" directed by Kenshin Nawa
"The Showing - The Scariest Meeting Ever" directed by Koji Shiraishi
"The Shadow Inside"  derected by Tom Flint
(Joined shootings listed above)
"Sentaku Basami"  directed by Sutipornprachum Vichian
★2013 St. Tropez International Film Festival, Best Director and Best Actress Nominee (France) ★2013 Asians on Film Festival, Best Cinematorography, Best Production Design ★2012 10th World Film Festival of Bangkok (Thailand) ★2012 Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival, Third Place Winner (U.S.A.)
"Kemuri no Kaori (Fragrance of Smoke)" directed by Yusaku Okamoto
★Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2012 / JAPAN Selection
★SKIP City International D Cinema Festival 2012
"Haruno kazega Natsuni fuku" directed by Hayato Kawashima
"Pokopen Pokopen" directed by Shunta Seki
"Sanuki Junrei Tour" directed by Yoshio Fukuda
★Sanuki Film Festival / Winner, Project Award & Encouragement Award
"Mebae" directed by Atsushi Urabe
★Sapporo Short Fest 2012 / Japan Off Theater
"ANXIETY" directed by Daniel Lavin
★Los Angeles REEL Film Festival, Winner: Honorable Mention / Foreign Film (U.S.A.)
"Ramen Girl" directed by Robert Allan Ackerman
"kingyo" directed by Edmund Yeo
(appeared as her former stage name, Amane Kudo)
Venezia International Film Festival 2009, Official Selection Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2009 Cinemanila International Festival 2009 Eibunren Awards 2009, Winner: Silver Grand Prix, Best New Artistic Creator China Mobile Film Festival 2009 Gulf International Film Festival 2010 Singapore International Film Festival 2010
Eskisehir Film Festival 2010 Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2010, Official selection Doi Saket International Film Festival 2010, Winner: Best Editing
Ourense International Film Festival 2010, Official SelectionCamera Japan Festival, Amsterdam 2010 AsiaticaFilmMediale, Rome 2010
"20th Century's Boys Saishu-Sho" directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi
(appeared as her former stage name, Amane Kudo)
"Now, I..." directed by Yasutomo Chikuma
(appeared as her former stage name, Benn)
Nippon Connection 2008, Germany Camera Japan Film Festival 2008, Holland 
Raindance Film Festival 2008, England Tama Cinema Forum
"Nakunowa Oyoshi" directed by Kan Miyake
(appeared as her former stage name, Benn)
"ChoGoKin Family" directed by Takuma Nakano
"Akai Bunkajutaku no Hatsuko" directed by Yuki Tanada
(appeared both as her former stage name, Benn)
"Babel" directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu
(appeared as her former stage name, Kyoko Saito)

"Koekoi" TV Tokyo

Theater Play*
"A Promise - 300 Million Yen Robbery" directed by Shunsaku Kudo
"Pirates of Tokyo Bay" Bilingual Improv Comedy Show
"Gift ~Hoshizora no Mukoukara~" directed by Daigo Tanji
"SUKIYAKI" directed by Daigo Tanji
"Satoshi Nikaido's Three Short Stories" directed by Satoshi Nikaido
"The Clown Said No" directed by Lyena Yonekura
"Oinusama de Iyo" directed by Naoki Nagashima
"Waiting for the Sun" directed by Yoko Narahashi 
"Oinusama de Iyo" directed by Naoki Nagashima
"Kizashi" directed by Yoko Narahashi 
"A Thousand Cranes" directed by Noriko

Ads, Promotional Video, etc.*
Music video - "Hana" 2016 Version by Kosuke Atari

Promotional film - au KDDI
Promotional film - au KDDI
Promotional film - Ain Holdings
Promotional film - Investment Partners
Promotional film - PIXUS x C Clip
Promotional film - Cosmetic Company (in progress)
Promotional film - Suntory Wellness F.A.G.E.
Promotional film - Nissan
Promotional film - Hitachi Health Care
Promotional film - Nippon Human Support
Promotional film - YASUKAWA Japan
Promotional film - KITAMURA
Promotional film - Red Bull
Promotional film - YAMAHA VOCALOID NET
Promotional film - Secom Home Life
Music video
Promotional film - Mistry of Education, NewZealand
Commercial film - au by KDDI
Commercial film - Kagome
Commercial film - Astellas Pharma
Commercial film - Co-op
Commercial naration - Motor Cycle Magazine ‘Ahead’
Drama on DVD - Saibanin Seido
Commercial naration - Kenko Seikatsu
Commercial film - Kampo Life Insurance
Commercial film - Japan McDonald’s
Promotional film - Odakyu Department
Commercial still pictures - NTT Docomo
Recording voice message - Backstreet Boys