『An American Piano』が24時間無料配信されます

原爆の犠牲となった方々へ追悼の意を表し、今なお苦しんでいらっしゃる方々へのお見舞いを込め、何より平和を願い、ポール・リーミング監督作『An American Piano』が24時間無料配信されます。ぜひご覧下さい。

In memory of the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on the 6th August 1945, we are making "An American Piano" available to watch, free, for the next 24 hours.
Please share it widely and take a moment to remember all the lives lost on both sides of the conflict, the vast majority of whom were innocent civilians who only wanted to live in peace.
Lest We Forget.
(An American Piano Facebook page)

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